An Australian Government funded program
delivered in partnership with the Vanuatu Government

What is TVET

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

TVET is concerned with the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes for the world of work. In the past, various terms have been used to describe elements of the field that are now conceived as comprising TVET. The second International Congress on Technical and Vocational Education held in Seoul in 1999 decided that the best, most comprehensive term to use is Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

What we do

The Vanuatu TVET Sector Strengthening Program has been funded by the Australian Government  since 2009. The program is aiming to develop new systems and approaches to better link training to economic outcomes for trainees within a nationally-recognised training system. It is currently operating in two provinces, SANMA and MALAMPA, which were selected by the Government of Vanuatu following a competitive selection process in which all provinces participated.

Implementation is focused on the development and localised management of two provincial TVET Centres. These TVET Centres are designed to offer a range of services to facilitate better targeted training, business development, and employment growth through an incentive-based and contestable Employment and Training Fund (ETF).

The Program works within the regulatory framework of the Vanuatu National Training Council (VNTC) and the Centres operate alongside the decentralised arms of the VNTC, the Provincial Training Boards (PTB). The PTB functions as a skills advisory body for the TVET Centres and are comprised of representatives of key productive sectors.

With a bottom-up approach, the Program is seeking to demonstrate at the provincial level what an effective national system might comprise. It is modelling on a small scale how the TVET system could work through a dual focus on a) provincial demand-driven service delivery and b) improved horizontal and vertical coordination between central agencies and their decentralised operations within a national framework.

The TVET Program is supporting the Australian Government’s broader Education priorities in Vanuatu to promote economic growth, develop leaders and contribute to peace and prosperity.

The TVET Centres provide the following services:

  • Accredited Training Services Accredited short-course training – demand-driven trainings delivered by local registered training providers in line with provincial economic development priorities;
  • Business Development Services (BDS)  Targeted counselling and workshops to assist existing and start-up businesses and cooperatives with business planning and management, and improved productivity;
  • Employment Services An advisory and networking service that  provides a link between people seeking employment and potential employers;
  • Training Provider Support Services (TPSS) Support for training providers to  become registered and to develop and deliver accredited short courses that are targeted to provincial development and economic outcomes;
  • IT Services, providing access to computers, internet, printers and photocopiers to TVET Centre clients to reinforce the effectiveness of the other services.

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Who we are

Port Vila Office Staff


Team Leader – Anna Gibert

Deputy Team Leader – Fremden Yanhambath

Technical Director – Peter Morris

Training Provider Support Services Manager – Marian Loughman

Monitoring & Evaluation Manager – Collin Tavi

Monitoring & Evaluation Officer – Jamine Makikon

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist – Sara Webb

IT Officer – Tom Nako

Program Coordinator – May Garae

Office Assistant – Jenny Dick

Sanma Centre Staff

Centre Manager – Moulin Tabouti

Finance & Administration Manager – Ruth Seketa

Business Development Service Coordinator / Coach – Ellise Sailas

Provincial Training Coordinator - Jimmy Lava

Administration Officer – Pelina Tagaro

Finance Officer – Sheryl Tamata

Field Communication Officer – Elton Barley

Malampa Centre Staff

Centre Manager – Kalowie Robert

Business Development Services Coordinator – Simeon Bage

Provincial Training Coordinator – Dorah Willie

Finance Officer – Tom Ollie

Administration Officer – Sani Bebe

Torba Centre Staff

Centre Manager – Albert Ruddley

Provincial Training / Business Development Services Coordinator – Jimmy Kelvin

Finance & Administration Officer – Monic Silas