An Australian Government funded program
delivered in partnership with the Vanuatu Government

What is TVET?

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

TVET is an education, training or learning activity which provides knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant for employment or self-employment. TVET describes all kinds of formal, non-formal and informal training and learning wherever it occurs – institutes, schools, training centres or in the workplace/site of production.

The TVET Program in Vanuatu in its current modality has been funded by the Government of Australia, through the Aid Program, since 2009. It aims to develop new approaches to better link skills training to economic outcomes for trainees within a nationally-recognised system in support of broader economic growth. It is currently operating in four provinces – Sanma, Malampa, Torba, and Tafea.

Implementation is focused on the operations and localised management of provincial TVET Centres. These TVET Centres are designed to facilitate access to a range of targeted skills training and business development services in line with provincial economic development priorities. The TVET Centres have now been formally integrated under the Ministry of Education and Training to ensure a coordinated and decentralised approach to skill development service delivery with the national TVET sector.

The TVET Centres work within the regulatory framework of the Vanuatu Qualifications Authority (VQA) and operate alongside VQA established Provincial Training Boards (PTB). The PTBs function as skills advisory bodies for the TVET Centres and are comprised of representatives of key productive sectors and industry. The PTBs advise the TVET Centres as to the employment and productivity opportunities at the provincial level which could be maximised through access to training and business development services.

Through the financing mechanism of an Employment and Training Fund, the TVET Centres contract national training providers and industry experts to deliver a range of integrated skill development services according to identified productive sector and industry demand.