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Media Clippings

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Signing for a National Human Resource Development Plan today- Daily Post- 22 February 2018

More new bungalows on Tanna open for visitors- Daily Post- 24 January 2018


Tanna Tourism on the road to recovery- Daily Post- 17 October 2017

Tanna Travel Centre Opening- Daily Post- 11 Ocotber 2017

Inter-island handicraft trading- Daily Post- 24 August 2017

Increase in construction skills in north Tanna- Daily Post- 14 July 2017

Partnership boosts virgin coconut oil production in Ambrym- Daily Post-  12 July 2017

Taking the handicraft sector to the next level- Daily Post- 20 June 2017

Policies launched for education sector- Daily Post- 7 June 2017

Tonga gets insight on Vanuatu’s Skills for Economic Growth Program- Daily Post- 19 May 2017

Australian Gov’t applauded for giving hope- Daily Post- 18 April 2017

New market for Torba opens- Daily Post- 11 April 2017

Tanna tourism recovery project trains over 30 on accommodation services- Daily Post- 8 April 2017

Feel and be part of Malampa- The Independent- 08 April 2017

Improving visitors’ experience- Daily Post- 06 April 2017

MoU signed for Tafea travel information centre- Daily Post- 04 April 2017

Sanma tour operators preparing for tourism influx- 16 March 2017


Partnership leading tourism recovery effort on Tanna- 22 December 2016

TVET sets priority direction for phase 4-Daily Post-12 December 2016

Australia’s foreign minister announces AU$1 million for disability-Daily Post-10 December 2016

Supporting people with learning disabilities develop skills- Daily Post-16 November 2016

Red Cross, TVET and VIT partner in Tanna reconstruction-Daily Post-14 November 2016

Tourism information board unveil at Gaua Airport-Daily Post-01 October 2016

Dorony is Torba’s new Tourism Manager-Daily Post-30 September 2016

Tourism Development; Letter to the Editor- Daily Post- 29 September 2016

Gaua tour guides receive national accreditation- Daily Post- 28 September 2016

Tourism in Torba promising; Australian gov’t applauded for its contribution- Daily Post- 27 September 2016

Traditional fishing must be controlled: Fisheries Officer- Daily Post- 26 September 2016

Gaua bamboo band to promote Vanuatu overseas- Daily Post- 24 September 2016

Tourism boom in Gaua- Daily Post- 21 September 2016

Majority of Tourism Awardees are TVET Clients- Daily Post- 20 August 2016

TVET launches phase 4, opens Tafea TVET Centre- Daily Post- 6 August 2016

Gender and social inclusion through basket weaving- Daily Post- 4 May 2016

New Tafea TVET office opens- Daily Post- 14 April 2016

Girl with Disability graduates with certificate in culinary- Daily Post- 5 April 2016

AID Projek Benefit?- Daily Post- 14 March 2016

Tanna chainsaw operators form association- Daily Post- 16 February 2016


Construction of new Tafea TVET Centre commences- Daily Post- 12 December 2015

TVET joins disability day in Motalava- Daily Post- 9 December 2015

Torba tourism getting world exposure- Daily Post- 2 December 2015

Tourism staff graduate from APTC through TVET- Daily Post- 3 November 2015

19 trained under ‘Build local,Build strong’ TVET tourism recovery program- Daily Post- 15 September 2015

Rebuilding after Cyclone Pam- Daily Post- 9 September 2015

Area Secretaries learn computing skills- Daily Post- 13 August 2015

Tilapia farming introduced to Malekula communities-  Daily Post- 7 July 2015

Tourism boost in Torba- Daily Post- 30 June 2015

TVET commences operations in Tafea- Daily Post- 25 June 2015

Malekula has potential for dairy farmers- Daily Post- 18 June 2015

First tilapia hatchery pond for Torba- Daily Post- 29 May 2015

TVET unlocks hidden potential- Daily Post- 23 May 2015

TVET horticulture recovery workshop in Malampa a success- Daily Post- 22 May 2015

TVET begins training for farmers- Daily Post- 21 April 2015

First ni-Vanuatu Team Leader of an Australian Government-funded aid program- Island Life- Issue 19-April/May/June 2015

Rural tourism operators acquire first aid skills- Daily Post- 3 March 2015

Marketing booklet launched for rural businesses- Daily Post- 2 March 2015

Paradise Found Island- style bisnis 1- Island Life-  Issue 18- February/March 2015

Paradise Found Island- style bisnis 2- Island Life-  Issue 18- February/March 2015

Skills Development Plans for six provinces- Daily Post- 17 February 2015

Girl with special needs attends school- Daily Post- 9 February 2015


Yanhambath is new TVET Program Team Leader- Daily Post- 27 December 2014

Ambrym tourism sector resumes following airport re-opening- Daily Post- 29 November 2014

SG calls for boat handler training in Torba- Daily Post- 31 October 2014

TVET targets most important sector in new phase- Daily Post- 27 October 2014

Australia’s Direct Aid Program funds first Malampa Handicraft Centre- Daily Post- 25 October 2014

Training provider qualities that counts- Daily Post- 24 October 2014

New TVET Centre, USP Center open in Torba- Daily Post-21 October 2014

New TVET Centre for Torba opens- Daily Post- 20 October 2014

People with disabilities in Toga want to be included- Daily Post- 15 October 2014

Rural businesses shown how to use mobile phone for business- Daily Post- 20 September 2014

Tourism Operators embrace waste management solutions- Daily Post- 12 September 2014

Sanma encouraged to increase supply of commercial trees- Daily Post- 25 August 2014

People with disabilities get poultry farm training- Daily Post- 23 August 2014

TVET and Fisheries sign LOA- Daily Post- 12 August 2014

Torba training targets vegetable farmers- Daily Post- 21 July 2014

Confident Port Olry fisherman expecting better catch- Daily Post- 12 July 2014

Torba tourism driven by TVET- Daily Post- 10 July 2014

Fourth TVET Centre for Tafea Province- Daily Post- 5 July 2014

Sewing income option for people with disabilities- Daily Post- 26 June 2014

Malampa women encouraged to engage in business- Daily Post- 10 June 2014

MoU signed for ‘TVET for Tourism’ next phase- Daily Post-5 June 2014

MoU to strengthen suspended training providers- Daily Post- 28 May 2014

Inspection to determine Wala’s tourism sustainability- Daily Post- 28 May 2014

TVET kickstarts tourism program in Torba – Daily Post – 22 May 2014

TVET opens connection with Malampa’s disabled people – Daily Post – 19 May 2014

TVET eyes effective approach for disabled people – Daily Post – 15 April 2014

TVET strengthens ties with agriculture sector for 2014 priority skills – Daily Post – 1 April 2014

Sanma Province witnesses Tourism Products launch – Daily Post – 19 March 2014

Small scale aquaculture development – Daily Post – 14 January 2014


Supporting Women’s economic empowerment – Daily Post – 11 December 2013

Reduce poverty, raise prosperity – Daily Post – 10 December 2013

Call Centre supports provincial economy – Daily Post – 6 December 2013

Ambrym’s own tourism website launched – Daily Post – 4 December 2013

Accounting training for ni-vanuatu tourism businesses in Sanma – Daily Post – 2 December 2013

Bungalow and restaurant owners prepare to welcome tourists – Daily Post – 30 November 2013

Master 20 GT training underway in Luganville – Daily Post – 30 November 2013

Fanafo tilapia culture ‘promising’ – Daily Post – 27 November 2013

Preparing Sanma for 2014-2016 cruise ship promotion – Daily Post – 27 November 2013

Fanafo farmer learns building skills through tilapia training – Daily Post – 23 November 2013

TVET Centre enhances tourism clients’ accounting skills – Daily Post – 22 November 2013

Bungalow reopens after relocating twice – Daily Post – 26 October 2013

Ambrym cultural skills revived through TVET – Daily Post – 14 October 2013

Ambrym tour guide leaders receive national accreditation – Daily Post – 10 October 2013

Ambrym now on tourist map – Daily Post – 9 October 2013

Ambrym tourist information board unveiled – Daily Post – 7 October 2013

DOT and VTO into Capacity building through TVET – Daily Post – 13 September 2013

More training funded for Sanma & Luganville – Daily Post – 13 August 2013

15 detainees learn carving skills through TVET training – Daily Post – 3 August 2013

Detainees learn carving skills to improve livelihoods through partnership between Sanma TVET Centre and Luganville Correctional Centre.

Partnership for Malampa TVET trainings hailed a huge success – Daily Post –  24 July 2013

Collaboration between Malampa TVET Centre and Vanuatu Institute of Technology results in retiled Lakatoro Market and certification of local workers.

No decision yet on future of TVET Centre – Daily Post – 9 July 2013

TVET and VIT carry out joint training on Malekula, Santo – Daily Post – 4 July 2013

Locals trained on Virgin Coconut Oil production – Daily Post – 26 June 2013

VCCI completes Business Management Training in Santo for local entrepreneurs – Daily Post – 17 June 2013

Fisheries Dep’t eyes new way for rural aquaculture – Daily Post – 13 June 2013

Fish handling training on Urpiv Island a new era to livelihood – Daily Post – 8 May 2013

TVET strengthens ties with Lunganville Municipality Council – Daily Post – 30 April 2013

Literacy and Numeracy training for people with disabilities

For the first time, people with disabilities in Malampa province have received nationally accredited literacy and numeracy training through the Malampa TVET Centre.

Carving workshop provides income-generation skills to people with disabilities

A natangura seed carving workshop coordinated through the Sanma TVET Centre has enabled people with disabilities to develop valuable skills to meet tourists’ demand for local souvenirs.

Local Tourism industry in Santo boosted through TVET Program

Five new local tourism products in Santo, including bungalows and restaurants,  have now obtained national quality accreditation through the training and coaching initiative coordinated by the TVET Program.

TVET Centre provides First Aid training to Tour Guides in Santo

The TVET Centre in Santo has collaborated with Pro Medical to conduct first aid training for all tour guides employed by the Millennium Cave Tour.


TVET Centre training makes difference in Malekula – Daily Post – 16 April 2012

After Business Management training through the Malampa TVET Centre, a young woman is making a difference to her community through the establishment of a new savings and loan scheme.

TVET Centres continues to support youth in Sanma – Daily Post – 6 March 2012 

Sanma TVET Centre supporting youth through skills training to increase their employment opportunities.

TVET Centre brings energy training to Malo – Daily Post – 14 February 2012

While the island has already been using renewable energy in homes and schools there was no one on Malo trained in repairing and maintaining solar panels. With solar panel training the people in Malo will no longer have to rely on expensive technicians from the provincial capital.

TVET Centre and Transport Program collaboration – Daily Post – January 2012

TVET Centre and Transport Program collaboration Photo – Daily Post – January 2012

Malampa TVET Centre coordinated business management training to assist Island Based Contractors working with AusAID’s Transport Program to increase their opportunities to win contracts to build the roads in Malekula.

TVET Centre supporting people with disabilities – Daily Post – 26 January 2012

Simon Popaul suffers from cerebal palsy affecting his legs making it difficult for him to walk. However through the skills he acquired through the  TVET Centre coordinated trainings Simon now runs three successful businesses.

Mavea men learn small engine repair training – Daily Post – 25 January 2012

The Sanma TVET Centre worked closely with the Sanma Provincial Government to coordinate small engine maintenance and repair training on Mavea island. This training will help people reduce their expenses by providing skills to enable trainees to repair their engines themselves.

Train the Trainer breaking gender stereotypes – Daily Post – 17 January 2012

Two female participants will become trainers in traditionally male dominated fields.


Youth trainee interview – Daily Post – 30 December 2011

A recent graduate of the Sanma TVET Centre coordinated business management training and youth work placement program is interviewed by the Daily Post about her experience.

Sanma 2011 flashback – Daily Post – 24 December 2012

The Daily Post reflects on key activities in Sanma province throughout 2011 and mentions the Sanma TVET Centre in the ‘August’ section.

Malampa Rattan and cane furniture making workshop – Daily Post – 22 December 2012

The Malampa TVET Centre coordinated training in making furniture out of rattan, which was previously thought of as waste, is meeting demand from the tourism market for locally made furniture.

TVET Program supporting Vanilla farmers – Daily Post – 22 December 2011

To improve the selling opportunities for Malampa Vanilla farmers, the TVET Centre organised a market day with a spice business to buy direct from the farmers.

Sanma Department of Tourism – Daily Post – 16 December 2011

The Sanma TVET Centre has been working closely with the Department of Tourism to coach and mentor local tour operators to improve the quality of their products. In December 2011, the TVET Centre held a workshop with local tourism clients.

TVET Centre supports Malampa Tourism – Daily Post – 7 December 2011

The Malampa TVET Centre has been working closely with the Department of Tourism to grow the tourism industry in Malampa. This partnership, as well as the certificate ceremony of  TVET Centre trainings, were celebrated in December 2011.

Star attraction at Tok Tok – Daily Post – 25 August 2011

The Malampa TVET Centre tourism clients were the star attraction at the Tok Tok Tourism Industry Expo in Port Vila August 2011