A one week training organized by the AusAID TVET Sector Strengthening Program on Fabric Printing has been hailed by 29 participants was highly successful.The training was convened at the Sanma Women Resource Center located on Santo and began on the 14th of October to 18th of October 2010. The participants come from various rural and remote areas of Sanma Province.

AusAID TVET Program Supporting Frangipani and DPA for Disability Training

Disability Fabric Printing Training at the Sanma womens Resource Centre

VIT and Sign Language conducted the training , helping the twenty nine participants to obtain the Printing Skills.The Training was financed through the Employment and Training Fund.

The training was one of the priority needs identified by the Frangipani Association and TVET Center that the Disabilities need to obtain the skills in Fabric Priniting. Upon completion of the training, the participants will be awarded a recognized certificate from VNTC. Workshop participants who completed the training will able to start their own Fabric Printing Business to support themselves.

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