Employment and Training Fund (ETF) Training

This month a total of six (6) ETF activities happened in Malampa Province. Five of these activities
took place at Ambrym and one on Malekula. These training activities were in the area of Tourism & Hospitality and Business Management. The School of Hospitality Tourism and Leisure Training Centre (HTLC, VIT) delivered the Tourism and Hospitality training and VCCI, Business

Tourism and Hospitality Training

This month the Malampa TVET Centre in collaboration with VIT successfully completed five
training activities. These include two (2) House Keeping, two (2) Food & Beverage and one (1)
Tour Guide. These were all delivered at Penabo Village, South East Ambrym from 11 to 22 July

House Keeping & Food and Beverage

A total of 30 participants attended the Food and Beverage and House Keeping training. From this figure, 21 are female. Participants represent communities around SE Ambrym. Given the
remoteness and the high potential of tourism development in this area, and also taking into
consideration committed indiviudals and groups in this sector (eg: Volcano tours), these trainings were organised in such a way that same participants who attended the Food and Beverage course in the first week, undertook the House Keeping Course the following week and vice versa.

Participants were so appreciative to have acquired specific skills in both of these trainings. These trainings were in line with the Tour Guide Training also delivered during the same period.

The total number of participants who attended the Tour Guide & Health and Hygiene Training was 21. Kevin Tabi, who has been a long time Tour Guide trainer of VIT spoke highly of the training in terms of participants showing great interest and commitment. Highlights of this training include:

  • 1) establishment of a new village tour and

2) a hiking trip was undertaken to the Volcano to address overnight trekking.

As the trainer stressed, ‘the training was received very well and everyone was extremely pleased and thanked the TVET Program for funding the training’. Indeed, these trainings are in line with the South East Ambrym First Five Year Development Plan (2011-2015)


Business Management


From 4 to 8 July, a Business Management training was undertaken at Lamap, South Malekula.
Participants of these training are Clients from the National Bank of Vanuatu. A total of 23
participants altogether attended this training. These participants have existing business activities in areas of tourism industry, small retail shops, fishing projects and transport.

The Vanuatu TVET Program in collaboration with VCCI and National Bank of Vanuatu (NBV) initiated this training to help NBV clients improve their existing skills and knowledge in managing their business activities. Similar training of this nature is planned for Ambrym in the month of August.

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