Wednesday the 7th of October marks an important day for the SANMA Provincial Training Board (PTB) when the Chairman of the PTB, Mr Jimmy Solomon, handed over a cheque of around 500,000vt to the Department of Co-operatives trainer, Mr Ben Asmus.

PTB chairman hands over first tranche of ETF fund to agriculture college

PTB chairman hands over first tranche of ETF fund to agriculture college

This is the second grant from the TVET Sector Strengthening Program’s Employment and Training Fund (ETF) which is financed by AusAID and managed by the SANMA PTB. The Department of Cooperatives will use the grant to provide training for participants in the SANMA REDI Unit’s Micro Loan Scheme. The Business Management course will assist participants to effectively and sustainably manage the REDI loan that they will receive to start their own businesses in the rural communities of SANMA Province.

Another cheque of around 1.5 million vatu has been handed over to the CEO of the Maritime College, Captain Mark Gooderham. The Maritime College will use the funds to deliver the ‘Engineer 75kW Near Coastal Vessels’ course to SANMA-based seafarers. The course will enable the trainees to obtain employment as engineers on vessels up to 75kW, an area in which there is a chronic skills shortage.

The financing of such employment and income-generation focused training programs will not only benefit the individual trainees, but will also assist in the broader economic development of SANMA Province.

The Employment and Training Fund is part of the SANMA PTB TVET Centre which offers a range of services including business development support, IT facilities, and assistance for local training providers.

TVET Centres are currently established in both SANMA and MALAMPA Provinces.

For further information, please contact 37933 in SANMA and 48978 in MALAMPA.

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