During July three main Business Development Services (BDS) activities were undertaken in Malampa Province. These include Chain Saw Mini Milling, Vanilla survey and the Tourism Coaching activity.

Chain Saw Mini Mill & Health and Safety & Basic Maintenance

Participants putting into practice their skills in chainsaw mini-mill maintenance, Unua 2 SE Malekula

From 11 to 26 July a Chain Saw Mini-Mill workshop was undertaken at Unua 2 Village SE
Malekula. The collaborative work between TVET Program and the Department of Forestry has again resulted in the successful delivery of this activity. This is the third workshop in Chain Saw Mini-Milling, conducted in Malampa province.

The 24 participants who attended this workshop were mostly secondary school leavers who were very enthusiastic. As the local expert, Mr Ali Avock, stated, ‘’compared to the two previous workshops held, most participants in this one areyoung, have had very limited knowledge and skills in operating the chainsaw, but, their willingness to learn and their individual efforts and commitment exerted during this 2 ½ weeks has been extraordinary and has resulted in a very positive outcome.

Participants putting into practice skills and knowledge gained in Chalk line Chain Saw Mini-Mill, Unua 2, SE Malekula

While the workshop targeted mainly aspects of chalk line and chain saw Mini-Milling plus Health and Safety & maintenance, it also educated this group of people on the importance of reforestation. Hence, participants were engaged in tree planting after felling of each tree.

Participants proudly showing the timber products after the 2 ½ week’s workshop.

These timber products are from two wood species (Red Seed & White wood species-canoe tree) only. The total value of this product is VT 103, 535.

While the community benefited directly from this training in the form of completing their three community halls using the timber products, they have also expressed their deepest appreciation for the financial contribution made by TVET Program to the community to cover catering, accommodation and training venue costs. Through this indirect contribution, the community has been able to meet one of their long time needs of accessing clean and adequate water supply as they will now be able to complete their water supply project which has been on hold for several years due to shortage of funds.

Vanilla Survey

The Vanilla Assessment workshop held in the month of June this year has assisted the 5
Agriculture Field Assistant Officers in Malampa province and 2 Vanilla lead farmers better plan and prepare for the upcoming workshops and coaching in this area. . A Survey of identified Vanilla farms is currently being conducted in 7 area councils of Malekula. Further information on the findings of the survey will be presented in the next update report. The good working relationship that TVET Program has established with the Farmers Support Association, the Buye, Pierro B and the Agriculture Department has contributed to the successful implementation of this activity.

Tourism Coaching

Coaching activity this month for the Centre’s BDS tourism clients by the TVET Program tourism
consultant, Pascal Gavotto, was targeted towards the preparation of ‘Toktok Vanuatu 2011’
scheduled for August 2011. Furthermore, a major activity contributing towards this preparation
was the engagement of the professional Photographer, Mr Valery Leblong to produce high
quality promotional material for the local tourism operators. Visits were made to all relevant
sites to ensure tourism products are well captured ready for the Tokok event. An update of the
outcomes for Centre clients of ‘Toktok Vanuatu 2011’ will be provided in the next report.

Other Activities
Information workshop- Paama & Ambrym


Malampa Province Planner, Mr Palen Ata giving a presentation at South East Ambrym, 12 July, 2011

From 11 to 15th July, the TVET Centre Malampa Advisory and Management Team undertook a
one week information workshop on the island of Paama and Ambrym. The team consistsed of 2
TVET Program staff, the Centre Manager and the Deputy Team Leader, and Malampa Provincial
Council Planner, Mr Palen Ata.The purpose of this workshop was mainly to inform key
stakeholders of achievements to date, challenges that are currently being faced, especially during training deliveries, and strengthening of networking relationships at the Area Council level.

The outcome of this information workshop has resulted in strengthening of the seven (7)
established development committees of both Ambrym (6) and Paama (1). Some major roles
identified during the workshop for these comittees include: i) identify training needs ii) approve
list of participants and training requests iii) send approved training request and participant list to the TVET Centre IV) work with Area Secretary and TVET Centre Malampa to ensure final
organization and preparation of participants, training venue, catering and accommodation prior
to training delivery date. Similar workshops of this nature will be facilitated on the island of
Malekula in September, 2011.

The Malampa TVET Centre team, stakeholders, community leaders and committed individuals
have been working very hard to achieve these results and we look forward to seeing continued
positive outcomes for the benefit of the people of MALAMPA province


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