As part of the BDS Tourism Coaching Program launched in April, program participants
undertook a workshop on “Basics of Microsoft Word and IT” delivered by the TVET Centre IT
trainer, Martin Mahe from 26-29 July. While basic IT skills are essential to the successful
management of a tourism business, all ten participants had no prior experience with using a
computer and therefore all found the workshop highly useful and relevant. At the end of the
training, participants were able to use Microsoft Word to produce simple promotional
materials for their tourism products.

Workshops on “Bungalow Tariffs” and “Basic Marketing” were also delivered to Tourism
program participants during the month of August. One of the participants, Timmy, a
longstanding Tour Operator in Santo, made the following comment about his involvement in
the Tourism program so far: “I have been in this business for about 10 years. I thought I was
doing well but in reality I realize that I am still a long way off but if I continue to get new
ideas through the TVET Centre program, it will increase my turnover each year compared to
what I currently earn”.

In association with the Department of Cooperatives, the Centre organized follow-up to the
newly created Savings and Loans Society in West Coast and North West Santo from 11-14
July. The main focus of this activity was to assist them with cash savings recordings as well as
to assist them register as cooperatives under the Cooperatives Act.

Two workshops on “Vanilla Husbandry and Techniques” and “Vanilla Curing” were delivered to 37 vanilla farmers in Big Bay area during July and August.

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