The Sanma TVET Centre coordinated seven Employment and Training Fund (ETF) trainings during this period.

From 27 June – 8 July, Saint Michel College delivered another “Small Engine Maintenance
and Repair” training, due to the high demand for skills in this area. This time the training
took place at Palon in North East Santo, and it was the first time that these community
members had access to skills training of this nature since Independence.

The Chief expressed his deep gratitude during the Closing Ceremony and confirmed that despite their low literacy and numeracy rates, community members would now be able to save
considerable amounts of money due to the fact that they could now repair and maintain
their own machines.

From 4 – 8 July, the Vanuatu Agriculture College (VAC) delivered training in “Planting
Vegetables”. Most of the participants were TVET Centre Business Development Services
(BDS) clients who have their own small crop farms and who required further skills
development in specific aspects of horticulture to increase their harvesting outcomes.
A follow-up Business Development Services (BDS) workshop is planned for these same clients in Marketing Preparation and Pricing.

During the same time period the VAC also delivered three other trainings in “Raising Pigs”, “Raising Chickens” and “Raising Cattle”. This was the first time a modular training in
“Raising Cattle” accredited by the VNTC has been delivered in the Province.

From 8-19 August, the Vanuatu Maritime College (VMC) delivered training in “Rural
Fishing and Small Vessel Operation” at Avunabulu in Malo. This training focused on developing the skills of members of the newly created Fishermen Association who have just completed building canoes in preparation to commence fishing in the locations recently
identified as having strong fishing potential. The VMC also delivered the same module in Pesena, Big Bay.

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