This is a brief report on key activity undertaken by the TVET Sector Strengthening
Program to improve the quality of, and access to, training delivery in SANMA Province in
support of provincial development for the months of July and August 2011.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Follow-ups to measure the post-training outcomes for ETF and BDS TVET Centre clients
continued throughout July and August with data collection taking place in Luganville, Big
Bay, and North, South and East Santo. The second TVET Centre-produced DVD, “Laef I Jenis”
was screened in all communities where follow-ups were conducted, with audiences
expressing appreciation for the impact that the Centres were making in the lives of people in the Province.


A Graduation Ceremony was held on Thursday 25 August at the Chiefs’ Nakamal for trainees
who have completed skills development courses recently delivered through the Centre.
Graduates included:

  • 4 graduates of the ‘Vocational Foundation Business Management’ course delivered
    by the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce.
  • 18 graduates of the nationally recognized ‘Train the Trainer’ course delivered by the
    Vanuatu Institute of Technology.
  • 15 graduates of the ‘Redi Blo Bisnis’ coaching program conducted in partnership with
    Youth Challenge Vanuatu and the Department of Cooperatives.

The fact that 4 trainees, with limited prior formal education, have been able to complete a full
qualification in Business Management demonstrates how the TVET Centre is bringing flexible
and modular training to the Province and enabling people in rural areas to build up a full
qualification over time without being based in an institution.

The TVET Centre staff have been working very hard to achieve these results and we look
forward to continued positive outcomes for the benefit of the people of SANMA province.

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