An Australian Government funded program
delivered in partnership with the Vanuatu Government
  • 29_o

    Breaking down gender stereotypes in skills training

  • 30_o

    Natangura carving training for people with disabilities

  • 32_o

    Solar panel installation training

  • 33_o

    Improving skills to increase prawn harvests for local markets

  • 34_o

    Local custom revitalised through 'TVET for Tourism' program

  • 35_o

    Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Julie Bishop, launches new phase

  • 36_o

    IT training for small business

  • 37_o

    Tiling training at Luganville market

  • 38_o

    Award of nationally recognised certification

  • 39_o

    Sewing training

  • 42_o

    Small engine maintenance training

  • 43_o

    Improving fishing production levels

  • 44_o

    Accredited First Aid training for local tourism operators

  • 45_o

    Supporting woman grow their sandalwood businesses

  • 46_o

    Building skills to meet cruise ship tourist expectations

  • 47_o

    Provincial Skills Plans developed for all six provinces

Vanuatu Skills Partnership

vanuatu tvet

The Vanuatu Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Sector Strengthening Program is an Australian Government funded Program which aims to support economic development through targeted skill development services.The Program encourages a more responsive and better quality training system that is able to meet the skill demands of the productive sectors in provincial communities.

The Program works to strengthen national and provincial structures within the TVET sector and builds the capacity of local training providers to deliver courses focused on employment and income-generation outcomes within a nationally recognised framework.

TVET Centres have been established in Sanma, Malampa, Torba and Tafea provinces which coordinate a range of demand-driven training and business development support services. The TVET Centres have now been formally integrated within the structure of the Ministry of Education and Training.

women vanuatu tvet

TVET Centres aim to raise the status of women in Vanuatu through customised trainings and small business development services to support women’s economic empowerment. Click here to see our video.

vanuatu tvet supporting youth
With around 70% of the Vanuatu population aged under 25, enabling access to skill development services to increase employment opportunities and educational pathways is a priority area for the TVET Centres.
vanuatu tvet supporting people with disabilities

The TVET Centres work in partnership with disability advocacy associations to ensure people with disabilities access skill development services and are supported in income-generation activities. Click here to see our video.