What We Do

What We Do

Linking demand and supply within the skills system

The Partnership works with key productive sector departments to identify priority economic growth opportunities that can be maximised by targeted skills development through the Skills Centres.

Working at both national and provincial levels, Partnership Implementation Frameworks are used to guide Skills Centre training activities in support of sector priorities.

In collaboration with the MoET, TED, and VQA, the Partnership supports increased diversity of training providers, courses and delivery modalities to increase flexibility within the skills system and promote pathways for further education.

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Beaded necklaces

Creative Industries

Building an inclusive industry and protecting local culture.

A tourist taking a selfie with locals


Maximising tourism potential through skills development.

TVET students learning how to sow seeds in Vanuatu


Enhancing agri-tourism, resilience and food security.

Training the trainer, construction

Training Providers

Need assistance in setting up courses?

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