• The Australian Government funded TVET Centre has worked closely with the Public Works Department (PWD) in Malampa to initiate accredited Business Management training for Island Based Contractors (IBCs) from 23 to 27 Jan 2012.


  • The training is a collaboration between two Australian Government funded programs, the TVET Program and the Transport Sector Support Program (VTSSP) as well as the Vanuatu Government’s Public Works Department.


  • The Vanuatu National Training Council (VNTC) accredited training will help prepare Island Based Contractors (IBC) to enter into a competitive bidding market for new contracts on road construction beginning April this year the construction of roads in Malekula.


  • While the Island Based Contractors have previously  been trained in road construction skills the TVET Centre Business Management Training   focuses on planning, costing, and business record keeping. These skills will help participants become competent in micro and small business management especially in the road construction works sector.
  • The training is being delivered by the Department of Cooperatives and Rural Business Development Services has 19 participants with six women.



  • The TVET Centre aims to support a training and business development system which is responsive to productive sector and community needs and leads to economic development.


  • Australia is pleased to be able to continue to contribute building skills in priority areas of economic growth. The TVET Centre funds accredited short course trainings through its Employment and Training Fund (ETF).
  • The Australian Government funded Vanuatu Transport Sector Support Program is a 15 year support program that began in 2009 and will end in 2024.





Participant: Lydia Kombe (Female) Company: Sier Construction

Position: Secretary

“This training is really good because it has helped me to understand the value of good business record keeping”.


Participant: Henri Willietien (Male) Company: Yake Construction

Position: Manager

“I find the training to be very helpful because it has helped me to understand the reasons behind some of the difficulties my company has been facing. We were able to share many useful ideas about ‘Business Killers’ and I believe that most of us will leave the training with better ideas on how to manage these situations”.


Participant: Jeanot Malekan (Male) Company: Rock Construction

Position: Manager


“This training will only be useful if I commit myself to apply the management concepts that I’ve learnt. It has provided all of us with a better understanding of resource management and efficient ways of acquiring materials. Most useful is the fact that the skills learnt can be applied to my other businesses as well”.


TVET Centre supporting Island Based Contractors

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