Over 20 participants attended a PENAMA WASH Basic plumbing workshop and practical’s which was held late February 2021 at Red Cliff, Ambae.

Another workshop was held at Saratamata where the participants were tested to see if they were eligible to advance to the Certificate 2 course which was more indoor plumbing.

The majority of these participants passed the course and have advanced into their CERTIFICATE 2 training which was held at Torgil School with their practical’s were held on the 23rd of June at Ambaebulu.

To further build their skills as plumbers representing the WASH sector, the practical were taught by trainer Mr Roy Matariki. The practical included reconnecting the boy’s dormitory with water for swimming and washing as well as their toilets which have been not working after 10 years of damage.

The Department of Water Resources created the WASH Technicians with the goal of providing assistance in maintaining water systems particularly under the WASH Sector. These trained workers will be on standby to carry out upcoming projects for Department of Water Resources Projects September to November 2021 in PENAMA and will help with Emergency Responses under the WASH sector.

The training made possible through the funding from the Vanuatu Skills Partnership was a success and a huge step forward for Penama. These trainings will be rolled out to all the provinces so any interested plumbers should check with their respective provincial officers.

Source: Vanuatu Daily Post

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