A workshop held recently on Santo was an opportunity to re-think the need of responding effectively when a natural disaster or crisis unfolds without leaving vulnerable groups in the society such as people with disability behind.

A total of 22 participants from the Sanma Provincial Government Council were part of the three-day Adaptive Leadership Development Program facilitated by the Australian Government funded Balance of Power and Vanuatu Skills Partnership.

Earlier this year, SANMA Province was hit by category 5 cyclone Harold.

Recovery was a challenge for the provincial government as it was also trying to respond to the impacts of COVID-19.

These disasters requires both men and women to be at the forefront of response, said the Secretary General (SG) of SANMA Province, Albert Ruddley.

“Regular up-skilling of our staff is essential to improve their ability to work as an effective team thus, this Adaptive Leadership workshop is an important part of our continuous improvement,” he said.

The workshop highlighted the importance of shared leadership and recognized the need to improve inclusive respond, he said.

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