The seasonal crop calendar is a tool that provides timely information on crop species to promote local agriculture production. Local farmers will find the calendar very useful as it features some of the important farming information relating to periods of sowing, planting and harvesting crops in specific agro-ecological areas, the spaces between plants, the spaces between rows of plants and the production density. This tool was designed to support farmers, extension workers, consumers including the tourism and hospitality industry in the country, in the choice(s) of crops and planting periods, respecting the agro-ecological characteristics of the cultivated areas. It also provides essential information when planning for emergencies, including agricultural systems of reconstruction or rebuilding food security after natural disasters such as cyclones and earthquakes. 

It contains information on more than seventy (70) edible crops grown in different agro-ecological zones of the archipelago, and was developed by agricultural technicians and experts working with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) and the Australian Government funded program —Vanuatu Skills Partnership.

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