Vanuatu skills sector professionals have recently completed an International Trainer and Assessor Course (ITAC).

This was the second ITAC to be delivered this year between the Vanuatu Skills Partnership and Australia Pacific Training Coalition. The first one was held in Luganville on Santo.

They will have the confidence and capacity to make reasoned judgements when training, including adapting teaching materials and learning techniques to meet industry and learner needs.

With their new skills the ITAC course participants will help to meet the needs of industry and enterprises through assessing learners’ skills and knowledge for the workplace or in their own businesses.

Across the Pacific region there is strong demand for up-skilling trainers and assessors.

Quality trainers and assessors are the foundation of a modern, demand-driven skills system.

As Vanuatu attempts to increase skill levels, the demand for high quality trainers and assessors grows.

The international training and assessment courses are a set of internationally-relevant courses developed under the International Skills Training (IST) initiative.

ITAC courses have been developed in partnership with industry, to help support the global demand for skilled trainers and assessors.

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