• The Australian Government funded TVET Centre has worked closely with the Sanma Province to coordinate short course accredited training in Small Engine Maintenance and Repair on Mavea island from 9 to 20 of January 2012.
  • TVET Centre initiated the trainings to assist small businesses that rely on engine maintenance and repair such as taxi boat businesses, fishing boats owners, strings cutter operators and mini saw mill businesses. The training will help to alleviate the expensive and time consuming cost of repairs to their engines.
  • Before the accredited training these small business owners would go to the provincial town centre, Luganville, and pay for a mechanic to repair their engine. With this training businesses will be able to keep costs low and improve their income generation potential by repairing and maintaining their own engines.
  • Delivered by the St Michel Technical College the trainings are accredited by the Vanuatu National Training Council (VNTC) and so are nationally recognised qualifications.
  • The 16 participants graduated from the course on Friday, January 20, came from all over the Sanma South East Area Council and offshore islands, including Mavea, Tutupa, Teproma, Lope Lope, Matevula and Million Dollar Point.
  • The TVET Centre aims to support a training and business development system which is responsive to productive sector and community needs and leads to economic development.
  • Australia is pleased to be able to continue to contribute building skills in priority areas of economic growth. The TVET Centre funds accredited short course trainings through its Employment and Training Fund (ETF).
  • The TVET Centres are a ‘one, stop shop’ providing a range of skill development services including: a) accredited, nationally-recognised trainings; b) business development coaching services; c) training provider support services; d) employment services; e) IT services.

Small Engine Training

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