This week marks the midway point of the new Train the Trainer Fellowship Program underway at VIT. This is the second time the Program has been offered with the trial version run in June of this year. Under the Australian Government funded Technical Vocational Education and Training Program 160 Training Fellowships will be offered between now and the end of 2007 to trainers from training organisations all over Vanuatu.

The TVET Sector Strengthening Program aims to strengthen and support training groups already active in the formal and non-formal training sectors in Vanuatu. The Fellowships will initially be offered at the Vanuatu Institute of Technology so that trainers can visit VIT to see the advanced technical and trade training being offered here at Vanuatu’s national training institution. Later, some parts of the 5 week course will be offered out in the provinces and in the two VIT Provincial Training Centres soon to be set up under the TVET Sector Strengthening Program – one in Isangel, Tanna and the other in Luganville, Santo.

Trainers participating in the current program represent Rural Training Centres as well as Government and NGO partners from Tanna, Aneityum, Santo, Ambae, Malakula, and Port Vila. All participants are active in the delivery of training throughout Vanuatu. Trainers also come from non-formal sector organisations such as VNCW, many Youth Clubs and organisations, and the Vanuatu Family Health Organisation to name a few.

Joyce Robert shared her experiences:

“I belong to the training organisation that is organised by the Malampa Provincial Council of Women (MPCW). It’s a privilege for me to come and attend the 5 week Train the Trainers course because it is helping me to learn new skills and understand how to teach communities, especially women, in Malampa Province.

I heard about the program after the Vanuatu National Training Council (VNTC) came to Lakatoro to form the new Provincial Committee for TVET of which MPCW is a member.

I look forward now to helping communities through the skills that I have learnt on how to pass information at grassroots level. Also I know now how to help strengthen the work of the MPCW office in Lakatoro.

Again I want to give a big thank you to AusAID for sponsoring the program and the TVET program administration and VNCW who forwarded the news through to me and to all my friends in other provinces so that we can attend this training.”

The next 5-week course will start on 15 January 2007. Places are almost full. To apply contact Amy at the TVET Program office on 25276 for a brochure and application kit.

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