• The Australian Government funded TVET Centre is supporting  Sanma youth by increasing their employment opportunities with facilitation of skills training in business management, work experience and recently with Basic Accounting training. The successful program has seen two participants gain full-time employment and two more continuing further studies.


  • The Vanuatu National Training Council (VNTC) accredited training in Basic Accounting is being delivered by the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and is the final skills training for the 25 Sanma youth participants.


  • The TVET Centre has worked closely with the Sanma Provincial Government Youth Officer to identify young people who would benefit from the business trainings.



  • With around 70% of the Vanuatu population aged under 25, delivering  trainings to improve the economic outcomes for youth is a priority area for the TVET Centre.


  • The Certificate in Business Management is focused on providing skills that will increase trainees’ capacity to generate income by developing their own business. Participants’ business plans vary from retail outlets, cattle-raising, kava bars to tourism operations.


  • The TVET Centre also organised work experience placements for all the graduates of the Certificate in Business Management to help prepare them for business and gain employment. One of the participants gained full-time employment as a result of the work placement.



  • All training courses for this Youth group have been financed through the TVET Centre’s Employment and Training Fund (ETF). This fund finances training providers registered with the Vanuatu National Training Council (VNTC) which means the successful trainees receive a nationally recognised certificate.





  • Centre Manager, Moulin Tabouti,  “These skills training targeting to youth clearly demonstrate how the TVET Centre is bringing quality training to  the province which is focused on economic development and promotion of entrepreneurship.”


  • Centre Manager, Moulin Tabouti, “The TVET Centres are a ‘one, stop shop’ providing a range of skill development services”


  • Provincial Training Coordinator,  Jimmy Lava “Two participants have already gained full-time employment and most of the other participants are self-employed and with accredited skills training there is no limit to these young people’s potential.”


Youth group complete Basic Accounting Training

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