• The Australian Government funded TVET Program together with the Farm Support Association (FSA) has been working with Vanilla farmers in Malekula to provide technical assistance to improve their production and quality of beans to increase their earning capacity.


  • Vanilla farmers in Malekula would normally travel by copra boat to Santo and sell their vanilla beans to spice company, Venui Vanilla, and then travel back to Malekula. The travel required for selling  vanilla beans is not only an extra cost to the farmers, making it difficult to make a profit, but the time spent travelling compromises the quality of the beans.


  • To improve the income generation potential of the vanilla farmers in Malekula, advocating for the farmers, the TVET Program initiated discussion with the buyer ,Venui Vanilla, about the possibility of travelling to Malekula to buy from the farmers direct at a centralised location; a Vanilla Farmers Market.


  • As Vanilla is a seasonal plant there is only one opportunity per year for farmers to maximise their profits and sell their produce.


  • TVET Program is encouraging all vanilla farmers in Malampa to come to the first Malekula Vanilla Farmers Market on December 12 and 13 at Lakatoro to sell their beans to the buyer, Venui Vanilla.


  • This will provide an opportunity for the farmers to spend less time and money on transport and also have the opportunity to ask questions to the buyer relating to Vanilla.


  • If the Vanilla Farmers Market proves a success for farmers the TVET Program will consider it as an option next vanilla season, December 2012.


  • The development of the Malekula Vanilla Farmers Market is part of the TVET Program’s Business Development Services (BDS) strengthening the relationship between the buyer and the Vanilla Farmers Association in Malekula.


  • The TVET Program aims to support a training and business development system which is responsive to productive sector and community needs and leads to economic development.


  • The Malekula Vanilla Farmers Market is not for the public and only intended for one buyer, Venui Vanilla.



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