Employment and Training Fund (ETF) Training

Four training programs have been delivered:

  • Bookkeeping – this was conducted at the Mothers Union by the Department of Coops for 26
  • Vanwods members Business Planning – the demand for this training came from Save the Children. It was
    delivered by the Department of Coops at the Mothers Union for 25 people from Luganville
    and surrounding areas
  • Quality Control Management – 16 participants (including 4 women) were trained by VCCI at
    the College de Luganville
  • Human Resource Management – the same group of 16 also completed this unit delivered by
    VCCI at College de Luganville.

All of the participants in these last two programs have already completed other units in the
Vanuatu Foundation Certificate – Business Management course. In fact, four of the participants
are well underway to completing the full qualification and should do so in June. This is a major
achievement for people who previously did not have access to the formal training system to be able now to complete a full qualification through the flexible delivery strategies being funded
under the ETF. This is a great example of lifelong learning where participants are able to build a
qualification over time.
Every month the Centre Manager updates the Sanma ETF report. An analysis has been
undertaken of this report and the following graphs should be of great interest to you and the
Sanma Council.

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